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V-CARE is the brand name of Falcon Marketing Pvt. Ltd. which came into origin in December 2009. We stand for excellence in dynamic leadership of its core team in the field of Multi Level Marketing with rich experience. We are the pillars of success providing rock solid foundation to the company. V-CARE has created an innovative and easy marketing plan, where an individual would be successful in his life and also contribute to the success of country by creating opportunity and spreading prosperity for all.

This is a fact that everybody in this world is in SALE whether we are Advocate, Doctor, Actor, Business Person or Sales Person; we have to SELL, And Network Marketing is a way to Sell Products, Services in a different way. In Network Marketing, products and services are being provided to Customers direct from Company (eliminating the middle channel) and distributing this amount to all those persons through a PERFECT DESIGNED PLAN. In today's Era, Network Marketing is well honored way to earn through 'SPONSORING'. It is the 2nd fastest way (after media) to provide products and services to mass. All leading brands are now planning to start their parallel Network Marketing channels to sell their products.  
The future of Network Marketing in India is extremely bright, as India is the biggest market in the world.Now, people are getting positive awareness about Network Marketing. In India, only less that 5% people are involved in Network Marekting. It means, a huge work has to be done yet. Indian government is also getting huge revenue in the form taxes from Network Marketing Industry. So, this can help our Nation to eliminate the unemployment of Youth in India to a large extent.
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