Ganoderma has 5000 years history as a herbal medicine in China. It was called the magic, auspicious, precious herb. Chinese consider it as a symbol of divinity, happiness, prosperity and longevity. It was once the “panacea” for emperors, and the “supernatural mushroom from the Orient” as viewed by the Westerners. “When ganoderma is found growing in the royal place, it symbolizes peace on earth,” as recorded in the Handi-Wudi Epoch. Ganoderma was recorded as the premium medicine by the treasured ancient medicinal reference of China-Shengnong Materia Medica of the East Han Dynasty. The Compendium of Materia Medica authored by the famous pharmacologist, Shizhen Li, in Ming Dynasty, indicated “Ganoderma tests bitter, it is nontoxic and tonic. It can improve brain functions and better complexion, keep one healthy and prolong life if it is taken regularly.”


VCN (Falcon Marketing Pvt. Ltd.) has a rich tradition of marketing and promoting reliable products in the country. it keeps researching to introduce the best quality products.

VCN is also aware of its social responsibility to contribute to country’s health culture & to contribute well-ness for all.

The life-style today is stress born & diet-deficient and our research targets to find a product that most effectively eradicate these. We are happy to inform that our efforts have paid dividends when we find the best organic products of GANODERMA (King of Herbs) & tied up with a 24 yrs. old Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and Technology Co. Ltd., which is present in over 20 countries Viz. The USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN & HONGKONG etc. They are some of the biggest cultivators of GANODERMA in the world and have a huge GANOHERB INDUSTRIAL PARK in CHINA.


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Balances Tridoshas . Appetizer & Digestive
Rs 750