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Facts About Network Marketing: A session by VCN


Every person is not born with knowledge and skills. To start anything, urge to learn is necessary and that only comes up when a versatile source that educates. VCN’s Facts about Network Marketing (F.A.N.M.) is one such source of education which guides every distributor associated with the company.

This informative session is held every now and then to motivate and empower the distributors to do what makes their life the best. The distributors get a chance to get inspired from one of the versatile practitioners of direct selling and leaders of VCN. Notably, Mr. Jasdeep Bawa, Managing Director of VCN uplifts the determination of the audience via examples, experiences and real life stories.

Sessions like F.A.N.M. are beneficial to not only starters but every single person who wants to transform their life for a better cause. VCN always aims at educating its distributors and in the same hope, such sessions are organized. And, the overwhelming participation and response of the thousands of distributors clearly show that VCN is getting success in educating and transforming.

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