#ALOEVERA GEL (Rose Petal & Straberry) 1000 ML/

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Rose Petals & Strawberry Flavour

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) referred to as a Miracle Plant comprises of more than seventy-
five effective components which includes the twenty Amino acids and the eight essential
amino acids indispensable for the human body.  Besides these, it also contain certain
enzymes effective for metabolic health, minerals, poly-saccharides that render immune-
stimulating properties along with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B12, Folic acid, C and E.

 High content of Aloe Vera with Rose Petals & Strawberry flavour regulates heart,
mind and the nervous system.
 Aloe Vera  is used to cure Obesity, as it is very rich in proteins and collagen. So
the body has to spend more energy for the digestion of high collagen content. This
extra loss of energy helps in burning more calories and fats.
 Aloe Vera reduces risk of heart attack and offer a vital protection against death
from Heart disease.
 By increasing Digestion rate Aloe Vera can stimulate the metabolic rate of the
body. As a result the food that is eaten is converted into energy at a faster rate.
 It protects the body against the risk of Kidney stones by defending oxalates from
invading the body.
 Aloe Vera helps to reduce blood glucose level by enhancing Glucose
 It is very helpful in increasing the platelet count, during diseases like Malaria, Dengue
and chikungunya.
 It is useful for strengthening the Gums and promoting Dental Health.
 It activates the immune system in Aids. It also helps to increase the cell count and to
decrease P-24 core antigen in the blood of Aids patient.
 Aloe Vera increase production of nitric oxide to reduce Cancer tumours. Acemannan,
a phytonutrient found in Aloe Vera has anti-cancer properties.

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