Miracles daily Running can do in your life

Running is a popular physical activity which comes under aerobic exercise. It is the most appealing exercise because it doesn’t need any specific training, situation, or other things. Some do running as a passion while some do to keep themselves fit. However, running has a lot of miraculous benefits to human body which are beyond imagination.

  1.      Promotes Heart’s Health: Inactive lifestyle leads to poor functioning of cardiovascular system thus running everyday for minimum 15 minutes helps in improving the health of human heart by keeping it active.
  2.      Strengthens Muscles: Running everyday makes your muscles stronger and keeps various joint and spine related problems at bay. It is an important exercise suggested to patients who suffer from knee and back pain.
  3.      Helps in losing weight: Managing your weight is easy when you follow dedicated running routine especially in the morning. Interestingly, many studies show that running burns more calories than the other most commonly performed exercises.
  4.      Improves Immunity: Who says you can only get immunity through good nutrition? Well, some simple workouts like running can really do wonders in proving you enough immunity.
  5.      Improves Mental Health: Many studies show that running has helped many people out there in reducing stress and preventing depression from their lives while enhancing mental health.

Based on the above-mentioned surprising benefits, it won’t be wrong in saying that sometimes simple things can add a lot to the life. So, let’s add running to the routine and welcome a healthy life.



Ditch your mobile phone to get a good sleep

There have been a lot of studies showing that using electronic devices before sleeping not

only cause difficulty in falling asleep but also leads to long-term health issues which we
might discuss in this blog.

Using any electronic gadget before going to bed not only makes it difficult to fall asleep but
also negatively impacts how you are the next day because the light from devices ruins sleep
schedules. Jumping to your mobile phones before sleeping might look like a harmless habit to
you but this habit is slowly disrupting your whole body.

There are a lot of reasons for ditching your mobile phones at night such as:
1. It Stimulates Brain: When you’re about to relax your brain at night and suddenly go for a
quick scrolling of your phone then you’re actually making your brain more active and thus it
delays your sleep.
2. Harmfulness of Phone Light: The blue light that comes from the phone may seem very
much nicer during day time but at off hours it has really bad impacts not only on vision but
negatively disturbing internal body functioning too.
3. Change in emotions: Surprisingly, using phone during late hours can make your emotions
disturbed too because studies show that a person who doesn’t get good sleep for at least 8
hours likely to have crankiness and emotional imbalances in daily routine.

Therefore, with much alarming conditions, it should be taken into consideration that one
should avoid using smart gadgets especially mobile phones before going to sleep and ditch
them for a healthy lifestyle.

Ganoderma: Offering Healthy Lives Out There

Ganoderma lucidum, having history of over 5000 years of providing health benefits to humans, is a magical herb which is a large, dark mushroom with a glossy exterior and woody texture. There are a lot of scientific journals who have researched that Ganoderma has medical benefits and over the years its benefits are keep updating and getting popular firstly across Asia and then, worldwide. From preventing diseases to promoting overall health, Ganoderma’s main benefits are:

Powerful Benefits of Ganoderma

  1.      Boosts Immunity: The first and most important effect of Ganoderma is to help strengthen the immune system. It works within the body and starts enhancing immunity which further helps body to prevent or overcome diseases.
  2.      Anti-Cancer Properties: Ganoderma is very precious for cancer patients as it has anti-cancer properties, killing cancer cells such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and colon cancer. Many studies have been done to confirm the beneficial effects of Ganoderma on cancer patients.
  3.      Promotes Heart’s Health: Another important benefit of Ganoderma is that it helps in promoting health of heart and keeping major heart diseases at bay.
  4.      Controls Blood Sugar Levels: Balancing of blood sugar levels is very important and in take of Ganoderma makes sure to control them for your wellness and health.
  5.      Anti-oxidants properties: Its property of being anti-oxidant helps in preventing damage of certain yet major cells of the body thus keeping you fit throughout your wellness journey.

VCN’s every health product has the quality of Ganoderma extracted from the very raw form so the benefits of this magical herb can be forwarded within the society.

Winter Season: A Gateway to Good Health

As we have stepped into the wintery flakes, we hardly imagine that this low temperature
season can bring any health benefits in our routine but if we talk about Ayurveda, studies
show that winter season is the time where our immune system gets boost up.
Following some precautions with little efforts can add up to healthy days whole winters:

Healthy Balanced Diet: Eating well always gives good number of returns. Balanced diet
having almonds, protein, green vegetables and fruits are some essential food to add to your
daily routine to keep yourself healthy.

Exercise: Most of the people skip exercising due to cold weather. However, this is one of the
important factors to keep yourself warm and healthy. Daily routine of exercising can also
boost your immune system & help preventing seasonal flu and diseases.

Hydration: It is observed that the quantity of water intake gets decreased during winter
season however it is suggested that one should keep themselves hydrated with required
amount of water to help remove toxins from the body thus following a healthy routine.

Vitamin D: The joy in winters is being under the sunlight during day time and even in
studies, it is proven to be an effective means of being healthy.

Adding Tusli Herb: Tulsi herb is very effective to keep common winter diseases at bay. One
can consume it in the form of tea. Our Tulsi Green Tea is made up from the extraction of raw
form of tulsi leaves enhancing its taste and benefits for the consumer.

Get Glowing Skin right at your home!

Festive season has already arrived with so many celebrations around the corner. The best season of the year creates a dazzling environment especially for woman to look stunning and naturally gorgeous.
However, instead of rushing towards the salon or trying chemicals to your skin, VCN has got a magical skincare set for every woman who desires to have glowing skin naturally at home.
Here’s a quick checklist of the things you might need to follow in your daily routine:

1. Hydrate yourself: Hydration is first step to have healthier looking skin. Drink plenty of water or at least 8 glasses a day to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Cleanse your face: Cleansing your face twice a day will keep dirt away. V-Spa Cleansing Cream is a lightweight formula to deeply cleanse your skin as it has essential oils gathered from the originating countries.

3. Regular scrub: Scrubbing helps to remove the dirt and dead cells leaving the skin softer. V-Spa Scrub, with the goodness of ingredients from the lap of the nature, is an effective process to simply extract the dead cells while helping in regeneration of skin cells.

4. Apply Face Mask: Face mask helps in nourishing the skin and locking the good nutrients to the skin. Our Face Mask Gel has Omega Oil, Snow Lotus Extract, and Brown Algae Extract which helps in hydrating the skin and refining its pores to give anti-ageing benefits while energizing the skin naturally. It gives more benefits when followed in your PM routine.

Putting into the nutshell, cleansing, scrubbing and masking are three main regimes apart from the hydration key that can help you get glowing skin naturally while keeping aging factor at bay. Adding these to your skincare routine not only gives you that glow but also helps in maintaining health of the skin which is way more important than anything else.

More health & more leads towards successful life!

With the legacy of over a decade, VCN, while following its trends, has launched two magical products in its list which not only give benefits but match the current requirements of worldwide health scenario.

Presenting one of its kind product VCN Shield to make sure you get proper protection from various prevailing diseases. VCN Shield is not any ordinary product as it is formulated from the rarest herbs extracted from different corners of the world with thorough Research and Development working as active antioxidants for the body. It gives astonishing benefits and has potential to function as a shield, as described in its name, to protect the human body from different health disorders like balancing oxygen levels, promotes good functioning of nervous system, helps in balancing sugar levels, promotes skin health and a lot many major benefits coming in with this really mind-blowing product.

Another new comer in VCN’s product list is V-Veda Garcinia Cambogia having ayurvedic background to help in boosting metabolism, reducing bad cholesterol, promoting body toning, reducing the lipid level of serum, suppressing appetite, helping in managing weight and maintaining overall health through the ingredients like Malabar Tamarind, green coffee bean, fenugreek, black cumin, reishi mushroom, green tea etc. brought together in the most natural and rawest form to our labs to make the best product suitable for different parts of human body.
VCN’s every product has made a history since the launch by giving excellent health results and we are sure, our new comers will be miraculous too!



Stay Healthy This Monsoon With These Tips

The cool breezy monsoon winds, the heavy rains along with humidity are here which we commonly call monsoon season. While this season gives a break from summer it is also known for bringing along viral infections like flu, malaria, dengue etc. while contributing to high humidity to numerous skin diseases as well as fungal infections.

However, the good thing is you can always take extra care and prevent seasonal infections.
Follow these health tips to stay healthy this monsoon:

  • Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables
    Vegetables and fruits are good sources of various important vitamins and minerals. However, on must make sure to clean them properly with good vegetable wash. VCN’s Fruit & Vegetable Wash can help you out to remove dirt and germs that may not get removed from normal water. 

  • Drink boiled water
    Drinking water can become contaminated mildly or strongly due to rains and other bacteria which can cause serious health problems such as jaundice, typhoid, etc so you must make it a habit to regularly boil your drinking water so you and your family can be safe. You can buy mineral water bottle while travelling to simply avoid drinking water from unknown sources.

  • Avoid outside foods
    The rainy season comes with a lot of cravings for hot and spicy street foods. However, outside food has a lot of contaminated ingredients that can make your stomach upset and make you fall ill very easily. So, it is always suggested to avoid outside foods. 

  • Keep mosquitoes at bay
    Due to rains, water gets collected at surroundings and such spots become the breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that carry the risk of many serious diseases like dengue and malaria. Keep your surroundings clean, screen your windows and use mosquito repellents if required.

  • Have bitter foods
    Food such as bitter gourd, neem, fenugreek, or methi seeds can remove toxins and are essential for an individual to become healthy and strong. These foods are also high in vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron, and help boost your immunity.

  • Have more probiotics
    Consume more yogurt, buttermilk, homemade pickles. Probiotics contain good bacteria that support your gut health and make your digestive system stronger supporting nutrition absorption too.

  • Keep your feet dry
    Dry your feet whenever they get wet and avoid wearing wet socks or wet shoes. Use anti-fungal talc to prevent the accumulation of sweat and moisture in skin folds. Diabetics must be extra careful as their skin is sensitive to fungal infections.

  • Have herbal tea
    Herbal tea made using a variety of herbs and spices like tulsi, cinnamon, ginger, etc is comforting during the rainy season. High in antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties this warm and refreshing tea helps boost your immunity, keeps seasonal infections away and soothe your digestion.

  • Exercise regularly
    Many people use rain as an excuse not to exercise. However, they need it most during the monsoon as rigorous physical activity strengthens the immune system. Fix a regular indoor workout regime and stick to it.


Benefits of Multivitamins for Skin


Skin is the largest organ of the body thus requires a lot of care and protection just
like other organs. Consuming a healthy & balanced diet consisting of all the important
nutrients contributes to a glowing & healthy skin. However, there are multivitamins that
help a lot to help you gain a desired skin and even help you look younger.
Vitamins that are best for skin
1. Vitamin C: This vitamin can be considered as a powerful vitamin that can prevent
various skin disorders including sun damage. The skin which is badly affected by the sun
can easily be healed by Vitamin C. Not only this, Vitamin C has the potential to slow
down the aging process and make you look younger.
2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D, also known as sunshine vitamin, plays an important role to
keep your skin healthy. Many of the experts asks to avoid sun rays but spending 15-20
minutes under sun in the morning help you gain adequate Vitamin D for your skin.
Vitamin D helps in boosting skin renewal, skin cell regeneration & repair. It also
prevents free radicals that cause premature aging and wrinkles.
3. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is composed of retinol, retinal and retinoic acid which are
considered to be crucial elements of anti-aging skin care. It is proven to be one of
the best vitamins for skin as it helps in skin renewal by arousing collagen and
smoothening the skin, thus making it look firm and youthful.
4. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is another beneficial vitamin that keeps your skin
protected and youthful. It helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. It
also reduces the tan and sunburn caused by UV rays.
5. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
Vitamin B has properties that can help in providing hydration and nourishment to
your skin. Vitamin B3 is a boon for dehydrated skin. It is an active anti-aging
therapy. It also helps in preventing and treating fine wrinkles.
Not only this, it is considered as a medical remedy for skin conditions like
rosacea, eczema, and other skin issues caused due to the harmful effects of sun.

Vitamin B3 is another one of the best vitamins to look younger.


1. Eat Healthy & Light Food

During summers, it is suggested that one should consume meals in smaller portions and have light food meals because heavy meals with large amounts of carbohydrates and fats lead to a lot of heat in the body. So, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content – such as oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc will help you stay hydrated and fresh during summers.

2. Treat your eyes well

During summers, sunrays become very harsh and harmful for our eyes so try to avoid harsh lights during work or being outdoors. Wearing sunglasses while you’re out is strongly recommended.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol, fizzy drinks and coffee all have dehydration properties. If possible, try to decrease the amount of these beverages, especially during hot weather. Plain or flavoured water is a good substitute.

4. Drink plenty of water

Heat and sweat in the summer months can leave your body dehydrated, causing unwanted health issues such as fever and chills. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

5. Stay indoors

Restrict outdoor activities during hot weather especially from 12pm to 4:30pm of the day. You can step out to the cooler parts of the day – early mornings before 11. am or late evenings after 5.00 pm.

6. Avoid outside food

Roadside food can be contaminated and may lead to foodborne infections because food gets easily spoilt in summers if not stored properly.

Summers require a lot of self-care & attention from drinking a lot of water to avoiding going outdoors in hot weather. But, if taken care properly and consuming hydrated substance, one can stay healthy and fit in summers.

Manage stress with these activities!

In this rat race where life has become so fast, stress is the common thing experienced by 90% of the population in the world. People deal with stress every day be it due to work, family concerns or health but stress has become a part of their lifestyle.
However, stress is not a very good thing for your overall health. In some cases, it can be very dangerous and lead to massive destruction. While you can’t control your emotions, you can always control the way you respond to them.
You can follow these easy and effective activities to manage your stress:


  1. Meditate: A well-researched and common stress relieving practice is Meditation. Even two-three minutes of meditation can calm your mind but all you have to do is breathing, slow breathing!
    This activity can be so useful to maintain your mental fitness if you do it daily. 

  2. Exercise: Studies show that doing regular exercises can keep stress at bay. It doesn’t matter if it’s a set, jumping or running, exercising in any form can cushion up the anxious and stress feeling inside you. 

  3. Build a Hobby: Building a hobby and making it a part of your routine can divert your mind towards something productive and calm. Hobbies can be anything like dancing, cooking, painting or even singing that can burst stress and make you feel lively. 

  4. Help Someone: Surprisingly doing something which can help someone is also a way of reducing the stress level. It has been researched that if you’re anxious and you bring a smile on somebody’s face then it will come back to you as happiness giving you a stressed out life.

  5. Good Nutrition: Last but not the least, good nutrition is always a better way to keep yourself overall healthy including your mind. Following a balanced diet can help you to be mentally fit and stay stress-free.

    Undoubtedly stress is a part of our routine now but following these simple ways can reduce your stress and keep you fresh & happy throughout.