1. Eat Healthy & Light Food

During summers, it is suggested that one should consume meals in smaller portions and have light food meals because heavy meals with large amounts of carbohydrates and fats lead to a lot of heat in the body. So, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content – such as oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc will help you stay hydrated and fresh during summers.

2. Treat your eyes well

During summers, sunrays become very harsh and harmful for our eyes so try to avoid harsh lights during work or being outdoors. Wearing sunglasses while you’re out is strongly recommended.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol, fizzy drinks and coffee all have dehydration properties. If possible, try to decrease the amount of these beverages, especially during hot weather. Plain or flavoured water is a good substitute.

4. Drink plenty of water

Heat and sweat in the summer months can leave your body dehydrated, causing unwanted health issues such as fever and chills. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

5. Stay indoors

Restrict outdoor activities during hot weather especially from 12pm to 4:30pm of the day. You can step out to the cooler parts of the day – early mornings before 11. am or late evenings after 5.00 pm.

6. Avoid outside food

Roadside food can be contaminated and may lead to foodborne infections because food gets easily spoilt in summers if not stored properly.

Summers require a lot of self-care & attention from drinking a lot of water to avoiding going outdoors in hot weather. But, if taken care properly and consuming hydrated substance, one can stay healthy and fit in summers.

Manage stress with these activities!

In this rat race where life has become so fast, stress is the common thing experienced by 90% of the population in the world. People deal with stress every day be it due to work, family concerns or health but stress has become a part of their lifestyle.
However, stress is not a very good thing for your overall health. In some cases, it can be very dangerous and lead to massive destruction. While you can’t control your emotions, you can always control the way you respond to them.
You can follow these easy and effective activities to manage your stress:


  1. Meditate: A well-researched and common stress relieving practice is Meditation. Even two-three minutes of meditation can calm your mind but all you have to do is breathing, slow breathing!
    This activity can be so useful to maintain your mental fitness if you do it daily. 

  2. Exercise: Studies show that doing regular exercises can keep stress at bay. It doesn’t matter if it’s a set, jumping or running, exercising in any form can cushion up the anxious and stress feeling inside you. 

  3. Build a Hobby: Building a hobby and making it a part of your routine can divert your mind towards something productive and calm. Hobbies can be anything like dancing, cooking, painting or even singing that can burst stress and make you feel lively. 

  4. Help Someone: Surprisingly doing something which can help someone is also a way of reducing the stress level. It has been researched that if you’re anxious and you bring a smile on somebody’s face then it will come back to you as happiness giving you a stressed out life.

  5. Good Nutrition: Last but not the least, good nutrition is always a better way to keep yourself overall healthy including your mind. Following a balanced diet can help you to be mentally fit and stay stress-free.

    Undoubtedly stress is a part of our routine now but following these simple ways can reduce your stress and keep you fresh & happy throughout. 


Benefits of drinking Alkaline water

It is very important to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to stay fit. But It is also important to drink clean and healthy water. And VCN Aqua Alkaline water fulfils all these requirements. It has many health benefits such as:-


Immunity Booster: Drink Alkaline water 30 minutes before lunch. With this, your digestion will always remain healthy. That is, you will not even have stomach related diseases. Keeping your body in a more Alkaline state boosts the Immune system.


Anti-ageing Properties: Regular consumption of Alkaline water will keep you active throughout the day. It has the natural ingredients against ageing effects. 


Hydration: It promotes better hydration as it has smaller molecular content making it easier for the body to absorb. Digestion remains healthy. Your skin starts glowing. You will be healthy in every way from inside and outside the body. Also, by drinking alkaline water, body neutralizes the effects of acid leading to better digestion. A better digestion leads to hydration.


Weight Loss: Drinking Alkaline water on an empty stomach neutralises the acids in the body and the excess fat accumulated in the body melts rapidly which also helps you in losing weight faster.


Rich in Oxygen: Aqua energy makes the water rich in oxygen. At the same time, blood circulation will also remain normal. The internal organs of the body also work comfortably. The liver doesn’t have to work hard to digest food, nor to circulate blood to the heart, while the supply of oxygen keeps the brain active.


Keep these things in mind


           Always keep in mind that whenever you drink water, drink it while sitting.

           Always fill water in a glass or any vessel, instead of drinking water from a height, drink only by touching the glass.

           Don’t drink water while eating and immediately after having food.

           If you are unable to drink hot water, then you can have lemon and honey mixed in it.

Why Sleep Is Important?




Getting appropriate sleep is essential for a person to maintain ideal health & well-being. When it comes to their health, sleep is as important as eating a balanced diet or doing exercises.

Modern-day living does not always embrace the necessity for adequate sleep. Yet, it is important that people try to get enough sleep regularly. Undoubtedly, sleep is much needed and has multiple unimaginable benefits which are as follows:

  1. Better productivity and concentration: Many scientists and researchers have studied that sleep has direct links with the functioning of brains. Not sleeping enough can result in lack of concentration and thinking loss so one should have proper sleep for better productivity and concentration.
  2. Sleep Keeps Your Heart Healthy: During sleep our body releases hormones that keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. Lack of sleep worsens blood pressure and heart function. This can be a problem if you already have a heart condition, and, over time, it can lead to heart disease.
  3. Sleep Helps Your Balance: Sleep helps you in maintaining optimal physical abilities. Studies show that sleep deprivation leads to impaired short-term stability of postures. This can lead to increased injuries and falls.
  4. Sleep Enhances Your Immunity: Sleep provides essential support to the immune system. Getting sufficient hours of high-quality sleep enables a well-balanced immune defense that features strong innate and adaptive immunity, efficient response to vaccines, and less severe allergic reactions.
  5. Sleep Reduces Stress: One of great benefits of sleep is it reduces stress and helps mind to stay calm by lowering the stress levels from the body.


What are the Benefits of Taking Multivitamins?

Everyday we try to eat right, stay healthy, do exercise more, and sleep better for an overall fitness. Our day to day hectic schedules, long travels, contaminated raw food  and working hours have made it little difficult to get a balanced diet and even good sleep and that’s where health supplements come in. In order to bridge our nutrient gaps, most of us have to look to the once-a-day multivitamin for help.

What are the Benefits of Taking Multivitamins?

It is clear that a multivitamin supplement has the ability to increase our wellness. Suppements that are coming with one of the best forms and quality must be the first choice and it becomes very difficult to find the best one for you. Calcium and Vitamin D are proven to aid in bone health, Vitamin D also supports a healthy colon and may prevent colon cancer and many chronic conditions, Folic Acid is proven to reduce birth defects and has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, colon cancer and other cancers including breast cancer, B Vitamins are proven to increase energy and aid in neurological functions, Magnesium is proven to relax the body, antioxidants are proven to prevent certain cancers, and both Vitamin C and Zinc are proven to increase immune function. Taking it a step further with Vitamin C, feel free to check out vitamin c and collagen. These are just a few of the benefits a multivitamin has to offer.In addition, research shows that adults with high intakes of added sugar in the diet had lower intakes of many micronutrients, especially vitamin A, C, E, and the mineral magnesium.

Our Multivitamin & Multiminerals have all the essential vitamins and minerals that can fill the gap and offer good health in busy schedules.

Green Tea with Lemon Grass

A refreshing beverage, lemongrass tea is additionally delightfully hale and hearty. The citrus
flavours of lemongrass blend beautifully with Green tea leaves to make a delicious cup of tea.
The pleasant citrusy taste is like a reminder of bright and cheerful days. As the name
proposes, lemongrass has the aroma of lemon however it is milder and sweeter in taste.
Lemongrass is used for treating digestive tract spasms, stomachache, high blood pressure,
convulsions, pain, vomiting, cough, achy joints (rheumatism), fever, the common cold,
exhaustion and other. 
Good for Digestion
Full of antioxidants
Regulates High Blood Pressure   
Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat
For Naturally Great Skin and Hair
Heals Cold and Flu
Relieves menstrual pain

V-Gano Ganoderma Scrub Soap

V-Gano Ganoderma Scrub Soap is produced with earth’s natural ingredients like coconut,
seed butter, wheat germ oil, poppy seeds, Ganoderma extract, and glycerin which help
in scrubbing away the dead cells to give glowing, radiant skin and leaving you with
The finest Ganoderma extract in the soap helps in giving smoother texture naturally while the
exfoliating granules of Poppy Seeds help to remove off dead skin, and the rubbing action
in boosting circulation.
- Removes dead cells
-Gives glowing skin
-Improves blood circulation with skin’s surface
-Helps in rejuvenating the skin
-Gives a Fresh look
V-Gano Face Wash

V-Veda Premium Range-The Purest Form of Ayurveda

 V-Veda is a very soulful product range for VCN as it is launched with the aim to give society the purest formof ayurveda. Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has left us with many things and reviving immunity is the most important lesson we’ve learnt. VCN’s Research and Development Team thoroughly examined that many companies claiming ayurvedic properties aren’t pure and have manipulations in them.
So, thereafter, with the objective of giving real form of ayurveda, our R&D Team fetched magical herbs, blended them to make an exclusive range of ayurvedic properties and brought it to people for a unique experience of using ayurveda in day to day routine improvising health & 
Now, our V-Veda Products Range is telling the world about rich Indian Science and the power of Ayurveda when delivered pure.

Are you giving your skin a top priority? coz VSPA Body Butter does!

Are you giving your skin a top priority?
coz VSPA Body Butter does!
Our new range of VSPA Products has a super amazing and powerful for skin product i.e. VSPA Body Butter which is formulated in the way that will radiate your skin on the outside & will keep your skin healthier from inside while letting you say goodbye to chapped & dry skin. Skin is the body’s biggest organ which gets exposed to many germs, dirt particle and pollution very easily in day to day routine. VSPA Body Butter has the tendency to fight against these germs particles to give you a skin full of nourishment and healthy skin cells.

-It has skin nourishing vitamins.
-It fights against free radical that may cause skin damage.
-It has sunburn, bruises, and rashes healing properties.
-It repairs damaged skin cells.
-It works efficiently to revive skin cells to give even tone.

VSPA Face Mask Gel: For A Brightened-Even Skin

VSPA Face Mask Gel is a soothing mask for everyone; from purifying the skin to deep nourishing it while giving hydration! It has the natural goodness of ingredients gathered from the originated countries which means the purest form of essential oils are added into this to tell you how to get healthy skin.
It gives you radiant skin within just a couple of minutes at home letting you witness a professional skin care routine with extraordinary benefits & results. The best part of this is, it allows you to see really quick & visible results. A few more benefits of VSPA Face Mask Gel are: it unclogs the deep pores on your skin, gives you much needed relaxation after hectic-polluted routine hours & targets every skin concerns.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab this amazingly formulated mask gel to invite evenly toned & smooth skin.