Are you giving your skin a top priority? coz VSPA Body Butter does!

Are you giving your skin a top priority?
coz VSPA Body Butter does!
Our new range of VSPA Products has a super amazing and powerful for skin product i.e. VSPA Body Butter which is formulated in the way that will radiate your skin on the outside & will keep your skin healthier from inside while letting you say goodbye to chapped & dry skin. Skin is the body’s biggest organ which gets exposed to many germs, dirt particle and pollution very easily in day to day routine. VSPA Body Butter has the tendency to fight against these germs particles to give you a skin full of nourishment and healthy skin cells.

-It has skin nourishing vitamins.
-It fights against free radical that may cause skin damage.
-It has sunburn, bruises, and rashes healing properties.
-It repairs damaged skin cells.
-It works efficiently to revive skin cells to give even tone.

VSPA Face Mask Gel: For A Brightened-Even Skin

VSPA Face Mask Gel is a soothing mask for everyone; from purifying the skin to deep nourishing it while giving hydration! It has the natural goodness of ingredients gathered from the originated countries which means the purest form of essential oils are added into this to tell you how to get healthy skin.
It gives you radiant skin within just a couple of minutes at home letting you witness a professional skin care routine with extraordinary benefits & results. The best part of this is, it allows you to see really quick & visible results. A few more benefits of VSPA Face Mask Gel are: it unclogs the deep pores on your skin, gives you much needed relaxation after hectic-polluted routine hours & targets every skin concerns.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab this amazingly formulated mask gel to invite evenly toned & smooth skin.

Biocare Bracelet (Titanium Bracelet)

VCN’s Biocare Bracelet is for those who prefer complete wellness without any kind of supplements…!!

What Biocare Bracelet does?

-100% Precious & expensive Titanium Metal
Helps in improving blood circulation (since 90% of body diseases are caused because of poor blood circulation)

The magnetic therapy simulates the earth's magnetic field and places your body in an optimum environment to heal itself. The physiology of the wide range of benefits is not completely understood but it is believed to come from increased blood circulation for greater supplies of oxygen and nutrients and improving removal of contaminants and toxins from body tissues. The magnetic therapy simulates the earth's magnetic field and places your body in an optimum environment to heal itself.


-Improves blood circulation

-Reduces inflammation, swelling and pain

-Provides stronger muscles and good mobility  

-Increases energy level of the body

-Reduction in stress

-Enhances overall well-being and mobility

-Freedom from tired and aching body

-Quick relief from headache, backache and neck pain

-Cures insomnia

-Improvement in immunity power of the body

-Reduces eye strain and helps watery eyes

-Improves Blood Circulation.

Note: The above said information of the product based on the feedback collected from various other users of the product. But the same is not guarantee to cure off any disease as it varies person to person.

V-Heldi Curcumin: A golden way to stay healthy

V-Heldi Curcumin is VCN’s another invention which gives ultimate health benefits to the people out there. Gathered and examined thoroughly with god gifted ingredients like Curcumin, V-Heldi Curcumin health supplements are perfect for those who face skin problems and other health issues.
We below elaborate the ingredients used to formulate V-Heldi Curcumin.

-What’s V-Heldi Curcumin consisting for you?

V-Heldi Curcumin is formulated with the active ingredients like-

CURCUMIN: Extracted from turmeric, Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. Its consumption is the best solution to skin treatments such as healing wounds, reducing inflammation and making skin glowing and radiant.

PIPERINE: Piperine is one of the powerful ingredients which have a long history of its use in medicines. Its reliable use in this modern era can been in herbal medicine for the most. It gives the body health benefits like weight & stress management, improving immune system and absorption of essential nutrients.

-Curcumin+Peperine: A perfect duo

The perfect duo of two golden ingredients-Curcumin & Piperine gives essential benefits to the body by quenching free radicals to make you look youthful and radiant always. Coupling these two healthy ingredients contribute to antioxidant and disease fight qualities.

So, now it has become easier to take of your health as V-Heldi Curcumin is available to give your health and fitness all the way long!


V-Gano Sakhi to be in every home soon!

With the sincere efforts of VCN’s Research and Development Team, VCN is shortly bringing up ahead a much needed product for women of the society. Women today are leaving no stone unturned so, it is necessary to give them a product which will be an all-rounder care taker for them.

V-Gano Sakhi, as itself suggests ‘friend’ will help every woman getting rid of problems like gynecological disorders, PCOD, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, improvising strength and immunity of a lady and much more.

The product includes Ganoderma Lucidium, Aloe Vera, Kali Angur, Anjeer, Kishmish, Anar, Rakta Chandan, Guduchi, Lodhra, and many more highly beneficial ingredients that will take care of the health in the most amazing way.

The results of V-Gano Sakhi have been so outstanding that made it clear obvious that this product will be a great hit once launched!   

Treat your body with goodness of Aloe Vera!

V-Aloe (Rose Petals and Strawberry Flavored)

Using common things in a unique way makes a product extraordinary. Just in case of Aloevera, it is very obvious that you may have used it a lot of times or just heard about it from other user as Aloevera is a very common herb in the field.

Aloevera provides benefits to human body in almost every way. However, VCN has come up with a unique product made of Aloevera in the form of gel.

VCN’s V-Aloe (Rose Petals & Strawberry Flavored) has brought a new vision of Aloevera with so many health benefits in the tastiest way.

Having the extracts of Aloe Vera and refreshing taste of Rose Petal as well as strawberry, V-Aloe Gel (Rose Petal and Strawberry Flavored) is a healthy drink which gives the body ample number of benefits. The required amount of consumption helps the body to fight against health issues and improves immune system for better functioning.  

What benefits does V-Aloe (Rose Petal & Strawberry Flavored) provide?

With special magic of aloevera and efforts by Research and Development Team of VCN, V-Aloe Gel has been produced to give benefits like:-

-Improving digestive system

-Purifying blood for proper circulation and increasing platelet count

-Maintaining gums and dental health

-Protecting kidney against stones and,

-Managing weight of the body

Apart from above mentioned benefits, VCN’s V-Aloe (Rose Petal & Strawberry Flavored) gives one the perfect dose to overcome problems and maintain overall fitness of the body.   

Let your gems be whiter and healthier

Your smile is ultimately the best makeup you could ever put that’s why teeth are known as gems because teeth help in broadening your smile even more. However, it becomes obvious to preserve your gems with the best possible ways.

Using the best toothpaste can help you a lot. For your pretty smile, VCN has its very beneficial and effective V-Gano Ganoderma Herbal Oral Care toothpaste with honey- colored gel and refreshing mint flavor.

Another best thing of this herbal oral care toothpaste is its purity and chemical-free production. Only beneficial and unique herbs have been used to give you the best ever experience and effectual results.

Know what V-Gano Ganoderma Herbal Oral Care Toothpaste is made up of-

It is very important to know the ingredients that you will use in any toothpaste. It gives you an idea of the results you may encounter after usage. We at VCN truly respect your trust and maintain the same by giving you pure products. Here are the main ingredients of this all rounder toothpaste-

-Ganoderma Lucidium Extract: This is hard to get because of its specialty of removing bacteria that may cause plaque.

-Honeysuckle Flower Extract: This extract is a better choice for gargles and mouthwash in daily routine.

-Xylitol: With xylitol, one can experience the tastiest way of fighting against cavities and reducing tooth decays.

-Mentha Arevnsis Leaf Oil: It refreshes and energizes your mouth in an effectual way.

-No fluoride added: One of the valuable facts about this chemical-free toothpaste is that it doesn’t have fluoride in it. This toothpaste works perfectly and effectively without the use of fluoride because this substance is major cause of thyroid.

There isn’t any doubt of calling V-Gano Ganoderma Herbal Oral Care Toothpaste all-rounder toothpaste because apart from providing freshness, reducing tooth decay and removing bacteria, this toothpaste makes your gums and teeth stronger as well as whiter than before but, only if used rightly.

Make a better choice with one of the best oral products and give your gems the best experience of being whitened, energized and healthy.

Because VCare about our mother earth!

VCN has always been known for promoting wellness and better lives of the society. Pursuing the same with two major goals that are health and wealth, VCN has now added another goal i.e. preserving mother earth.

Team VCN has launched ‘VCare Earth’ program under which every distributor or achiever will, from now onwards, be honored with a tree sapling, aiming at promoting greenery and eco-friendly place for all of us to live in.

The objective of VCare Earth is to helping people grow more and more trees so that our mother earth stays healthy and human beings can find earth a better place to live in by taking care of the planet with sincere and obvious efforts.

Every person associated with VCN should be proud to be a part of this initiative which will definitely bring a positive change within the society and world.


R&D Team: Digging out beneficial formulas

Research and Development Team of VCN


Research and Development Team works as the backbone of the organization, for our team is complied with professionals of the field who wander miles worldwide to collect the best and unique herbs and with thorough experiments, provide the most effective products to the consumers. Our specialized team has provided us with uniqueness not once, twice or thrice but each time, it has worked upon any product.

VCN gives the best products in order to improvise the health in the society. And, to pursue the same Research and Development team tirelessly work upon the products and carries out researches across India and worldwide to bring forward the highest quality products with precious herbs.  All the experiments are made in advanced laboratories under severe observation of specialists and thus, a new healthy product is developed to promote health amongst society. 

Learn with VCN, Grow with VCN!

Facts About Network Marketing: A session by VCN


Every person is not born with knowledge and skills. To start anything, urge to learn is necessary and that only comes up when a versatile source that educates. VCN’s Facts about Network Marketing (F.A.N.M.) is one such source of education which guides every distributor associated with the company.

This informative session is held every now and then to motivate and empower the distributors to do what makes their life the best. The distributors get a chance to get inspired from one of the versatile practitioners of direct selling and leaders of VCN. Notably, Mr. Jasdeep Bawa, Managing Director of VCN uplifts the determination of the audience via examples, experiences and real life stories.

Sessions like F.A.N.M. are beneficial to not only starters but every single person who wants to transform their life for a better cause. VCN always aims at educating its distributors and in the same hope, such sessions are organized. And, the overwhelming participation and response of the thousands of distributors clearly show that VCN is getting success in educating and transforming.