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Sea Buckthorn & Ashwagandha

This PRODUCT is a wonderful combination of high content Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) with
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides)
strengthens the immune system, delays the aging process, cures dermatitis, alleviates
menstrual problems, and heals wounds. It also cures nausea, eliminates ulcers, lowers
blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, reduces oxidative stress and helps to inhibit
cancerous growth.

Aloe Vera referred to as a Miracle Plant comprises of more than seventy-five effective
components, Enzymes effective for metabolic health, Minerals, Poly-saccharides that render
immune-stimulating properties along with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B12, Folic acid,
C and E.
 Aloe Vera when taken internally aids in digestion and effectively cleanses the
digestive system.
 Aloe Vera works as a laxative which makes it easier for the food particles to pass
through the intestine. Thus Aloe Vera helps those who suffer severe constipation
 Drinking aloe Vera regularly helps to detoxify the body which in turns improves
daily bowel movements.
 It alleviates acidity, inflammation and intestinal ulcers.
 Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on the stomach walls and relieves stomach ache and
peptic ulcers.
 Aloe Vera is full of antioxidants, also known as natural immunity enhancers, which
help to fight free radicals in the body.
 Drinking Aloe Vera regularly eases swollen and painful joints and reduces the
stiffness of bones.
 It is excellent for treating scars, burns and cuts.
 Aloe Vera tonic is wonderful for the female reproductive system. It helps to
rejuvenate the uterus.
 Aloe Vera is used to treat diabetes as it helps to lower blood sugar level by
decreasing insulin resistance and also lowers the triglyceride levels in the liver and
 Aloe Vera helps to improve the blood quality naturally by decreasing the levels of
cholesterol and triglyceride.
 Aloe Vera  also increases energy level and helps to maintain a healthy body
weight by stimulating metabolism.
 Aloe Vera  is also used in a variety of tooth gels which prevent bleeding gums
and mouth ulcers.

Sea Buckthorn has multiple uses due to its protein building amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, K,
C, A, E, and folic acid, over 60 antioxidants, at least 20 minerals, and healthy fatty acids. The
fruit is full of carotenoids, xanthophylls, phenolics, and flavanoids, too. It is an absolute
power house of nutrients!
 Sea Buckthorn may reduce symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
 Contributes to proper brain and nervous system functioning
 Helps to reduce inflammatory response in the body
 Improves mental clarity
 Helps to treat gastrointestinal disorders including ulcers
 It helps to reverse gout
 Useful to eliminate skin rashes
 Helps to cure infections
 Improves sight, lessens eye soreness
 Helps to promote colon health
 Useful to treat asthmatic symptoms
 Helps to reduce skin markings associated with measles or mumps

 Useful to reduce illness associated with cancer
 Helps to lower cholesterol
 Boosts immunity
 Improves the look of skin and hair (due to Omega 7, 3, 6, and 9s)
 Helps to neutralize free radicals in the body
 Slows the aging process
 Supports internal organs
 Boost health of the mucous membranes lining the digestive and respiratory tracts
 Helps to reduce the condition of a fatty liver
 Useful to increase cellular vitality

Ashwagandha also known as Indian Ginseng, is an incredibly healthy medicinal herb. It is
classified as an "Adaptogen," meaning that it can help to manage stress. Aswhagandha also
provides all sorts of other benefits for your body and brain:

 Ashwagandha may reduce blood sugar levels through its effects on insulin secretion
and sensitivity.
 Animal and test-tube studies have shown that it promotes the death of tumor cells
and may be effective against several types of cancer.
 It may help lower cortisol levels in chronically stressed individuals.
 It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in both animal and human studies.
 Ashwagandha helps increase testosterone levels and significantly boosts sperm
quality and fertility in men.
 The herb has also been shown to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and
increase strength.
 It may help reduce the risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol and
triglyceride levels.
 It may improve brain function, memory, reaction times and the ability to perform


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