Dream limitlessly, work rightly and success is yours!


“Businesses are hard to establish and harder to run.” VCN has proved the statement wrong by making its distributors businessmen and helping them achieve surprising success in life. And, the success stories of our distributors always mark a special moment in our every celebration.

Serving the country with its two major aspects that are health and wealth, VCN has embedded its footprints in 2009. From dealing healthy products to providing a platform to start a business via direct selling amongst distributors, VCN is dedicated in making life better of any individual.

How VCN promotes health?

Health is an important factor which can’t be neglected. However, healthy lifestyle is being reduced as we can observe the illness in our surroundings. We have a special team which ensures the quality of products for the betterment of the society in terms of promoting better health.

To improvise the health, VCN’s Research and Development team tirelessly works upon the products and carries out researches across India and worldwide to bring forward the highest quality products with precious herbs.

We, for our consumers, serve only those products which are organic and healthy for a family, region, state and thus, nation.

How VCN promotes wealth?

VCN has marked itself in the list of the most successful direct selling companies as it gives its distributors an opportunity to achieve various levels and each level uplifts the economic status of distributors with ‘word of mouth marketing strategy.’ This gives distributors a better way of starting their own business and achieving milestones while working flexibly yet determinedly.

For the same, distributors are given proper guidance. In fact, there are so many seminars organized to give knowledge about direct selling marketing to the distributors so that they may pursue the same in the business. All the interaction sessions are conducted by mavens (worthy leaders of VCN) of direct selling marketing.

Here, at VCN there are many distributors who have achieved various tags with their smart work and there are also many distributors, following the same path to achieve tags and thus, ultimate success.

Every achievement of our distributors is appreciated wholeheartedly. And to cherish the same, VCN organizes various events every now and then for the distributors where we honor our achievers in front of the gathering with thousands of people.