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Relish the Healthiest Meal in just three minutes

In a perfect world, we’d all have the food budget to meal plan only organic foods, have someone else

cook them for us, and use the time to relax in a nice detox bath.

Since reality is often not very close to perfection and compromise

is often necessary.

If fully organic isn’t in your budget, you can eliminate much of the

pesticides from your foods by prioritizing VCN’s Fruit and

Vegetable wash.

How it works-

 It includes natural fruit and vegetable wash using

ingredients from citrus, corn and coconut to remove

harmful substances.

 Removes wax, soil, fertilizers and pesticides.

 Effective on both regular and organic produce

More than 9 million people get sick every year from dirty food, and according to a recent study from the

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fruits and vegetables contaminated with harmful bacteria

cause 46 percent of those illnesses. And that not the only reason to wash your food many

conventionally grown vegetables have plenty of pesticide residue.

VCN Fruit and Vegetable wash helps you to be safe and it is easy to use-

 Pour 10ml of the cleaning solution in a container blending it with 1 litre of water.

 Soak the fruit and vegetables as per the requirement to purify them.

 Let them in the container for 3 minutes.

 Then, rinse them with clean drinking water for their best healthy nutritious benefits.

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