#VGANO HEART 60 cap/

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This product is made by organic herbs. It combines the essence of many effective ingredients which make it more efficient in helping to restore normal level of cholesterol, blood pressure and to improve blood circulation.

[Main Ingredients] Cell-wall Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, Salvia Miltiorrhizae Extract, Panax Notoginseng Extract, Radix Puerariae Extract, Radix Astragali Extract, Angelica Sinensis Extract.

[Health-care Function] Help to control cholesterol level and blood pressure. Suitable for the people with heart problems. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating woman and children. Taken with warm water, 1 capsule at a time, twice a day.

[Specification] 0.4g/capsule

[Shelf Life] 24 months to be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place.

[Caution] The product cannot replace medicine

Nutritional Value

Fat (%)                                                               4.45

Protein (%)                                                         3.84

Sodium (mg/kg)                                                   700

Total Carbohydrates (%)                                     85.15

Calories KJ/g (kcal*/g)                                       16.77 (4.0)

Calories from Fat KJ/g (kcal*/g)                            1.65 (0.4)

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